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  • How can I register as a member?

    To register as a member please visit this page on our website:

    Alternatively you can download our Apple/iOS or Google Play/Android mobile apps and register in app.

  • How long will it take for my membership to be approved?

    If you fill out the registration form fully we can normally approve your account quite quickly (within 48 hours).  However, where we receive registration applications that are not fully completed, it may take longer, we may have to contact you for further information, and ultimately your account might not be approved.  If you are waiting on account approval, please feel free to send us a message letting us know and we will look into your case.  Please also remember to check your spam box if you are waiting to hear from us as it is possible our email went in there.

  • How can I re-set my password?

    If you need to re-set your password please visit the following page:  If you do not receive a password re-set email after filling out this form, please remember to check your spam box as it might have gone in there.  If you are unable to re-set your password, you can also contact us and ask us to manually re-set your password.  We can do this but obviously it is quicker and easier to use the automated password re-set option provided if you can.

  • My password still isn’t working?

    Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive and must be typed in exactly. We often have members thinking their passwords do not work and the issue is that it is not being entered entirely correctly. If you are still stuck, you can contact us us and ask us to manually re-set your password. We will then check it working before sending it onto you. However, using the automated password reset option is going to be much faster, so please check that and ensure you also correctly entering the username/password before contacting us.