This page is about our law enforcement policies. If you are a sex worker interested in engaging with the PSNI Sex Work Liaison Officers (SWLOs) in Northern Ireland please see our Support section.

Police Cooperation

We are committed to engaging with police with the consent of our members.

We do not share any information about our members with law enforcement. The only exception to this is where a member of ours explicitly asks us to give their contact details to police because they’d like to be connected with police by us.

We are willing to share warnings and appeals for information from law enforcement with our members.

We can also share some information about persons reported to Ugly Mugs Ireland with law enforcement, where our members consent to this, and not in a way that could identify our members. Whenever a sex worker makes a report to Ugly Mugs, we ask if they would consent to this type of data sharing. We always respect the wishes of our members.

Police Enquiries

We invite police officers to contact us with any enquiries. UK law enforcement only can also send secure email to us via CJSM (safeiq).

Police Service of Northern Ireland

We engage with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).