Ugly Mugs Google / Android Mobile App Urgent Update

31 August 2023, 1.50pm

We are now back in the Google Store :) But it is a bit too soon to celebrate. We continue to work with Google and to ensure the stability of the app.

31 August 2023, 9am

We are very sorry that this issue remains unresolved. We have been able to engage with Google and now better understand the situation and we are working around the clock to get this resolved and get our Google app back operational. We thank everyone for your kind notes of support and all our members for their patience at this difficult time.

30 August 2023, 6 am

At 5:01am this morning Google removed the Ugly Mugs Ireland app from it’s Store. This has come as a complete shock to us. We have been appealing to Google since shortly after 5am this morning to please work with us to resolve this. Ugly Mugs Ireland is a life-saving app and this is an extremely distressing development for our members. We continue to appeal to Google to please reverse this action immediately. In the meantime our Apple/iOS app and website are working as normal.