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Safety for sex workers in Ireland & the UK

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we need to exist because, in Ireland & the UK,

sex workers must work alone to work legally.

thus sex workers are forced to be lone workers,

making them vulnerable to abuse and crime.

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criminalisation pushes sex work underground.

It makes it hard for sex workers to report crime and seek justice.

We help sex workers report crime and hold police accountable.

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sex workers can be the victims of hate crime.

We record these human rights abuses.

We are the only organisation in Ireland

engaged in this vital work.

关于Ugly Mugs

Ugly Mugs通过将性工作者团结起来彼此分享针对他们的潜在危险信息来提高他们的安全并减少针对他们的犯罪行为。我们支持性工作者的权利,包括安全权利。我们记录针对性工作者的权利侵犯。更多关于我们的工作


Ugly Mugs是一项免费的服务,帮助你在工作时保持安全。欢迎所有在爱尔兰和英国的性工作者注册。我们欢迎女性、男性和变性人性工作者,室内和室外以及独立和派遣的性工作者,包括陪同、施虐女、女按摩师、脱衣舞娘和视频/电话性工作者。关于性工作者的更多信息


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