For over a decade has been a free online safety scheme, bringing sex workers in Ireland together to share safety information. Until now, in our community, ‘safety’ has most often meant safety from abuse and crime. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new and extremely serious situation we all now face. Whilst abuse and crime, not health, is our area of expertise, we will be here during COVID-19 doing everything we can to help you stay safe in these changed and challenging times.


We would like to thank for last week putting up a hardship fund of €100,000 for Irish sex workers in financial crisis due to COVID-19. As part of this, is now working to administer the distribution of funds to those most in need. To make an application to the Emergency Fund, please complete the following form: Apply to Emergency Fund


At 11pm on 28 March 2020 new restrictions came into force in Northern Ireland.  Please see:


For the latest offfical advice about COVID-19 see:

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HSC Public Health Agency


National Health Service (NHS)

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Health Service Executive (HSE)


World Health Organisation (WHO)