Our Media Expertise

Media can send us an email via our contact form.

Our main areas of expertise in speaking to the media are:

  • Northern Ireland / Ireland
  • Violence Against Sex Workers
  • Sex Trafficking
  • The Criminal Justice Process
  • Policing of Sex Work / Trafficking
  • Police Abuses / Corruption
  • Modern History of Sex Work / Trafficking

We do not like to comment to the press on areas we do not feel qualified to speak on, such as sexual health issues.

For ethical reasons, we do not arrange media interviews with our members. If you would like to engage directly with sex workers in Ireland, we suggest that you contact Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI).

We pretty much stopped engaging with the media in 2017. It went by the wayside, because our workload increased hugely, and we wanted to dedicate 100% of our resources on trying to help sex workers. However, as of February 2022, we have resumed setting aside some time to talk to the media about important issues.

As of February 2022, we have resumed sending out occasional press releases. To join our press list, please fill out the form below. (All our press releases include an unsubscribe link so you can stop them anytime you no longer wish to receive them.)

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